Episode 32 Taos Avalanche

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Welcome to the web show started in Italy, now worldwide, of tango, art, cycling and climbing, filmed from the inside!

Taos Ski Patrol and volunteers race against time to find buried skiers! Filmed as it happens, Jan 17, 2019

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Taos Avalanche Postscript Minute



If you haven’t seen Episode 31, Keiko Cadby’s tango orchestra playing for dancers, below is first song. (Click ‘Past Episodes’ in menu bar above and chose ‘Episode 31’ to see all tandas or click this link):
Episode 31 Los Angeles del Tango Ensemble, March 17, 2019 …. A Tango Dance Orchestra!

First Tanda, Song 1. Invierno (Orchestra Francisco Canaro):


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2 Responses to Episode 32 Taos Avalanche

  1. Marybeth says:

    As a long time skier and Taos resident that was a very moving and haunting video.

  2. Kerry says:

    Oooh. That was gripping viewing, tough and emotional. Good job with this video. I had a sense of dread and a sense of hope that battled with each other until it was explicitly stated that the boys didn’t make it. Those senses battled with each other for some time.

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