Tango DJ Info Page

1. Now available! The complete 80 page dj tango ‘Bible’

Click here: DJmanual2011

2. Michael’s report on the DJs’ intelligent music selections making the 2019 San Diego Tango Festival the best ever:

Click here to download: Report on SDTF 2019

3. An amazing resource: Bernhard Behberger’s Tango database membership site, 70,000 tangos

Click here for Bernhard’s site: Tango-dj.at

Here’s what Bernhard says about DJing at their milongas in Vienna:
“If you are a Tango-DJ and interested in DJ-ing one of our events, please mind that we expect some basic requirements besides of making our participants dance:
music from Tango-CDs or better in lossless sound format
(no mp3 copies/downloads etc.)
the use of a high quality external sound interface or DAC
good energy for our dancers and the evening

The equipment we are using for our tango events:
6x MACKIE HD-1521 speaker
4x MACKIE HD-1221 speaker
ALLEN & HEATH XONE 92 (DJ mixer)
XILICA 4080 (speaker management)
DENON DN 700 (backup CD Player)
AKG K-712 microphone
AKG P3 microphone
HP Elitebook 8440p (backup player computer)
RME Babyface (sound interface)”

4. Another Tango DJ site: “Tango by the Sea”

Click here: Tango by the Sea

5. List of DJ Software available with recommendations

1. itunes The old standby. What I use. Keeps all your playlists, and retains them while playing. Very intuitive. You should NOT be internet connected while using it or Apple will hijack you and substitute Apple Play which you might not like.

2. MIXX Free. popular, esp with rock djs. Complicated. Hard to learn. Not user friendly.

3. Megaseg. Popular with DJs, but deletes a song after it is played, so you lose your playlists.

4. Traktor. Popular. Highly recommended by some tango DJs as it has the capability for you to add tons of comments and attributes.

5. Embrace. 14.95 from Swedish DJ Ricci. Very popular. Top DJ Doris Bartha uses it.

6. A custom add-on displays the song playing on a TV screen by sending it from your playlist. Several written in SQL/HTML are circulating. I don’t have one. Let me know if you have one we can use at italywithmichael2@gmail.com

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