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JOAN, NY, NY: “I LOVE the videos! I can watch them over a couple of times. You have an absolutely great voice for narrating. I’m serious, I’m really impressed. Please make some more and keep sending them to me. I love your sense of adventure and quest to seek out new places and things throughout the world. Great work!
Oh yes, I am now awaiting the tango version, where you’re gonna go and interview the milongueros in BsAs ;))
I am really smiling and totally enjoying your work

“Bellissimo!” (Beautiful). Tony A., Napoli, Italy

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My web show, Italy with Michael, started in Italy but now worldwide, entertains you having fun with fitness.  It’s a simple concept: perspiration having fun.

As a health and fitness advocate, I pass on tips and ideas for finding activities for you to be happy and healthy, doing fun events like tango, cycling and climbing, while traveling or at home, taking life one day at a time.  

Seeing fun and humor in every situation, my videos emphasize Fun, not Pain.  “No pain, no gain” has been replaced with, “No fun, no way!”

My health and fitness background includes 7 years with the National Ski Patrol, ski instructing for Professional Ski Instructors of America at Telluride Mountain Resort, conducting paddling/rolling classes for Mad City Paddlers, and assisting cycling classes for juniors. He also is on a lifelong quest to learn more about diet and nutrition and the health benefits of exercise and to share his journey with you! I’m on a mission to share the gift of Fun with Fitness with everyone.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Yes, I’m available for speaking engagements at your seminar, workshop, conference, university  or event.  Send an email to Italywithmichael2@gmail.com with SPEAKING in the subject line, and we’ll make the arrangements.

Actually, my background is not in film or video production.   My education is Bachelor of English, and Associates of Arts, Computer Programming, Mainframe.  My professional career includes teaching for the English Dept at the Univ. of Wisconsin, extensive experience as a mainframe programmer for corporations and institutions, and–using savings and college summers’ construction experience–running a property construction and property management business that he built up over the years.

This show is different from other health and fitness shows.  Michael does not currently work out in a gym, although he approves of going to a gym for workouts, of course.  But his “fun with fitness” approach focuses on having fun with activities that build your fitness as well as your health.


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