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Ask a question about health and fitness…or travel – you could be featured on the show!  
Send your question to and if your question is answered on Michael’s weekly show, you will win 3 months of premium membership.

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Again, for Questions: Just send me a video message or question about any health and fitness topic – you can use a webcam connected to your computer, and a YouTube account – it’s quick, and easy and free. Your video might go viral.  Send link of Youtube video to  You agree to the possibility of having your video shown in a future episode of the show to assist other viewers with their health and fitness.

One Response to Ask Michael

  1. Sally Blackman says:

    Hi Mike, just dropping you a line to say hello. I e mailed you around your birthday and got no reply.
    I hope you are doing well. Are you out of country? Please e mail me and let me know what’s up with you. Sally

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