Episode 31 Los Angeles del Tango Ensemble, March 17, 2019 …. A Tango Dance Orchestra!

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Welcome to the web show started in Italy, but now worldwide, of tango, art, cycling and climbing filmed from the inside!

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Here’s Los Angeles del Tango Ensemble playing for a packed house of dancers on Sunday afternoon, March 17, 2019, day 4 of Qtango Orchestra Festival, Albuquerque, NM

First Tanda, Song 1. Invierno (Orchestra Francisco Canaro):

Violin: Keiko Cadby

Piano: Olga Khokhlova

Bandoneon: Francis Soriano

Guitar: Jeff White

Bass: Mary Ann Sereth

First Tanda, Song 2, Al Compas del Corazon (Domingo S Federico, composer):

What a tango dance orchestra!

First Tanda, Song 3, POEMA, featuring guest trumpet player Scott Betts, is one of the most beautiful tangos ever written, especially as played by tango super star violinist Keiko Cadby! Can you even imagine dancing to such a passionate interpretation? It’s followed by a happy cortina from happy Olga Khokhlova!

Poema (Orchestra Canaro):

Second Tanda, Song 1, Vida Mia (composer, Osvaldo Fresedo; lyrics, Emilio Fresedo):

Second Tanda, Song 2, Buscondote, a sweet tango:

Third Tanda, Song 1, a Waltz, Amor Y Vals (Orchestra Rodolfo Biagi):

Third Tanda, Song 2, a Waltz, El Vals Sonado (Orchestra Miguel Calo’), featuring Bandoneon Player Francis Soriano:

Third Tanda, A Waltz, Song 3, Lagrimas Y Sonrisas (Orchestra Rodolfo Biagi), featuring guitar player Jeff White, plus the cool cortina!:

Fourth Tanda, Song 1, a tango, Derecho Viejo:

Fourth Tanda, Song 2, a tango, Paciencia, plus the cortina:

Fifth Tanda, Song 1, a milonga, La Trampera, featuring that dynamic marvel, piano player Olga Khokhlova :

Fifth Tanda, Song 2, a milonga, Milonga Criolla, featuring piano player Olga Khokhlova, with camera on dancers too, showcasing the fabulous footwork of Simona Faro! (orange and white dress):

Fifth Tanda, Song 3, a milonga, Silueta Portena, led off by guitar player Jeff White and piano player Olga Khokhlova:

Sixth Tanda, Song 1, a slow tango, Tango To Evora:

Sixth Tanda, Songs 2 & 3, two sweet slow tangos, Recien and Oblivion, followed by a theatrical cortina by the phenom bomb Olga Khohklova!:

Seventh tanda, Song 1, a waltz, Flor de Lino. “Last tanda” is called. No one wants to hear that!:

Seventh tanda, Song 2, a waltz, Palomita Blanca, with guest violin player, Olga S. Tikhovidova:

Wow. I’ve danced tango for 21 years in 16 countries and filmed tango for 10 years i’ve never seen anything like these gals and guys!

We were planning to see them live at Green Valley Tango Orchestra Festival, Labor Day 2019, Tucson, AZ, but it has been cancelled for poor advance ticket sales! They are tentatively scheduled to perform next march at Qtango Orchestra festival in Albuquerque!

Special Treat: The Piano Player, Olga Khokhlova

Saturday night, March 16, 2019, Qtango Tango Orchestra Festival, Albuquerque, NM

Biographies of the 5 band members:

The Violin Player, Keiko Cadby

joined Los Angeles del Tango Ensemble in 2011. Over the last 20 years, Keiko has played in venues worldwide, including Carnegie Hall in NY, locations in Japan, France, Argentina, England, Scotland, Italy, and Czech Republic. She has played in some of the largest concert halls/stadiums on the West Coast (ARCO Arena in Sacramento, Cricket Wireless in Chula Vista, HP Pavilion in San Jose, Honda Center in Anaheim, MGM in Vegas, and many others), and has completed TV, commercials, film soundtracks, and performed on live radio (NPR). She has performed, toured, and recorded with artists such as Jeffrey Kahane, Marco Antonio Solis, Joan Sebastian, Alejandro Fernandez, Bryce Wilson at Burning Man, Hauschka, Matt Miller of Graydon and vocalist/song-writer Melinda Ortner on her 2009 Tokyo tour. Her awards include the Mary Paige Phillips Award and the Command Performance Award from California Music Educator’s Association of the Bay Area, and she placed first in competitions including the Yen Liang Young Artist Competition in Walnut Creek, the Ruth Finley Person Etude Music Club and Santa Rosa Youth Orchestra Concerto Competitions in Northern California. She has been invited to work and learn with artists such as Pinchas Zuckerman, two-time GRAMMY®-nominee Philip Quint, and GRAMMY®-nominee Fabio Zini.

The Bandoneo Player, Francis Soriano

has played music all his life. He started with piano lessons from his grandmother since before he can remember, and played for high school musicals. He has been a part of a music productions, played accordion for The Roads to Home. From 2002-2008, he performed at songwriter nights in Los Angeles and Nashville. From 2011-2014, he was enrolled in the film scoring certificate program through UCLA Extension.
Francis’ introduction to tango music started when he was growing up. His father used to play La Cumparsita on piano, although he didn’t learn the title until he started dancing tango in 2010. He joined Los Angeles del Tango Ensemble in 2011 playing keyboards and began creating arrangements and writing original tango pieces soon after. In 2013 he bought a bandoneon, and studied with Julian Hasse, Ben Bogart and Hector del Curto.

The Bass Player, Mary Ann Sereth

is one of the founding members of Los Angeles del Tango Ensemble. She started playing violin at age 7 and continues to play to this day! She played in many orchestras and learned classical, Irish, Scottish, English and Swedish and old time fiddle through the years. Beginning in 1968, she studied bass with renowned bassist Jennifer Leitham, mastering classical and jazz techniques. She plays weekly in a big band and two small groups who play monthly. Mary Ann credits Pablo Aslan and Pablo Motta for teaching her the Argentinean style of bass playing, which is very different from the classical style. Tango bass is her favorite of all the music and styles she plays.

The Piano Player, Olga Khokhlova

has been playing with Los Angeles del Tango Ensmble since 2015. Like the others, she began her piano studies at a very young age. By now, she many has years of experience performing in the US and in her native Russia.

The Guitar Player, Jeff White

joined Los Angeles del Tango Ensemble at its inception in 2009. In addition to performing as guitarist, Jeff also handles sound technician duties. Jeff picked up guitar just after high school and developed his own playing style, incorporating many diverse influences. Jeff performed with local classic rock band “Kingpin” throughout the South Bay in the 1980’s and occasionally performs with the quartet “Stone Canyon Ramblers”, playing modern songs in a bluegrass format. In addition to guitar, Jeff plays mandolin and dobro. After initially becoming intrigued with Argentine tango as a dancer, Jeff started an intense study of tango music and has made 5 trips to Buenos Aires to attend workshops and immerse himself in the culture of Argentina. Jeff credits Maestro Pablo Goldstein, one of the other co-founders of Los Angeles del Tango, who now resides in Buenos Aires, as a critical influence in shaping the sound of the band and helping everyone to appreciate the true soul of Argentine tango.

All films by Michael Holcomb, chief cook and bottler washer, creator of this website

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