Episode 19 Welcome to Vigo, Spain

Oct 21 • Videos • 4715 Views • 9 Comments on Episode 19 Welcome to Vigo, Spain

Welcome to the only web TV show to present Italy and the world’s cycling gran fondos, social dance, travel, art & life, all filmed from the inside!


Today’s Episode #19 welcomes you to Vigo, Spain, in September, to see a stage of the Vuelta de Espana and attend Laura and Marco’s wonderful tango festival.

Click PAST EPISODES in the menu bar for the last episode, #18, a front-row seat at Mariela’s Milonga! in New York City. There’s tons of entertaining characters in all previous episodes!

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Enjoy the show!

Michael Holcomb

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9 Responses to Episode 19 Welcome to Vigo, Spain

  1. john says:

    Biking photos cool.
    Museum cool w/ Darwin and early submarine.
    That little clip before going to the Milonga when you talk to the
    fisherman could use a subtitle.
    The wooden lobby of the building where the Milonga / Festival was
    held very cool. Very good interview with good looking host, why she
    loves tango.
    What camera where you using for filming the performance? Had nice
    smooth zoom out and in. The performances were so expressive of the
    culture, there should be considerable interest in them. Lots of ways
    to move a handkerchief!
    Buena Suerte!

  2. mike says:

    John, Glad you liked it., and thanks for the feedback. I love hearing from my viewers so I can improve the show. -michael

  3. Marco says:

    Hola Michael! me gusta! quedo muy bueno.

  4. mike says:

    Marco, Que bueno que te gusto’. Nos vemos pro el proximo festival, si Dios quiere!

  5. Cliff says:

    Spain looks good. More biking and less tango has always been my crit, and here again it’s the same.

    However your tango fans should appreciate the (brother/sister?) dance.

  6. Randy says:

    I was intrigued by your commentary on the bike race. I’ve never really
    understood the teamwork, strategies, and execution of bike racing. It’s
    always looked like a bunch of guys going too fast in close quarters–I bet
    I’m not alone, and a little informed commentary could be useful!

    Also, in the milonga, I was fascinated by the fusion of flamenco and tango. I liked it. I am generally put off by rock (etc.) influences on tango (such
    as Dancing with the Stars). But the marriage with flamenco was really neat.
    It probably has something to do with both dances coming from Spanish
    speaking cultures.

    Photography was pretty good, too!!

  7. michael says:

    Randy, I’m glad you liked the show. I wish I could have included a lot more that I filmed, but less is more. Anyway, i’ve got some more great episodes coming up. Stay tuned, and sign up in the green box above so you always know when the latest show is posted!

  8. nieves says:

    Michael, Llegué hace unos días de la República Dominicana y me contó Elena que lo había visto. Muchas gracias por retratarnos y hacernos partícipes de tu historia. Así queda mejor en la memoria el recuerdo lo que fue: un bonito y cálido encuentro en la ciudad olívica, con el otoño pisándole los talones al sol del verano. Me gustó tu vídeo y hasta casi, casi que entiendo tu inglés.
    A saber por donde andarás ahora …persiguiendo bicis y tangos. Espero que todo te vaya bien en tu periplo. Ya contarás.
    Yo acabo de llegar hace un rato de Santiago de Compostela. Allí, Tango por Africa, aportando nuestro granito de arena a una pequeña ONG que vela por las niñas de un pequeño poblado de Gambia. Andaba por ahí Laura, la mujer de Marco.
    Y me voy a dormir que aún tengo el sueño cambiado por el cruce de océano. ¡qué maravilla allá levantarse con el sol! no como aqui que siempre es de noche por la mañana!
    Un abrazo, Nieves​

  9. michael says:

    Nieves, Que bueno que te gusto’ tanto el video de Vigo y del festival. Me gusto’ mucho hacerlo, obviamente, y espero el día cuando puedo estar con todos mis amigos de alla’ otra vez. besos, michael

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