Episode 14: Who is watching us while we eat? Artist Laura Niola speaks out!

Nov 7 • Videos • 8245 Views • 20 Comments on Episode 14: Who is watching us while we eat? Artist Laura Niola speaks out!

Welcome to the show started in Italy, but now worldwide of art, tango, cycling and climbing, filmed from the inside!  
Today Napolitano artist Laura Niola, sculptor, performance artist, philosopher, and visionary, invites us into her studio!

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“FUN WITH FITNESS” is better than “NO GAIN WITHOUT PAIN” every time!

Enjoy the show!

Michael Holcomb


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20 Responses to Episode 14: Who is watching us while we eat? Artist Laura Niola speaks out!

  1. Eleanor says:

    Laura is indeed a lovely artist. Her work is very creative with representations of her inner life. Freud said that the artist and poet work through issues of the Id, the ego and the superego on the canvas and/or with pen and paper. Jung spoke of our dark side seemingly represented by the black. We now know that sounds do penetrate through to the fetus, ie music and the father’s voice. A lovely interview, Michael. Thanks, E

  2. Alessandra M., Napoli says:

    Ciao Michael, il tuo programma è molto interessante e le opere di Laura Niola, particolari, coinvolgenti e forse anche un po’ inquietanti, in ogni caso spingono ad interrogarsi e a riflettere. Grazie, a presto
    Hello Michael, your program is very interesting and the works of Laura Niola, special, engaging and maybe even a little ‘disturbing, however they urge us to question and to reflect. Thanks, see you soon!

    • Michael says:

      Alessandra, Grazie per il commentario. Si, non possiamo dimenticare le opere di Laura Niola! Penso che lei e’ un artista importante! (e coinvolgenti e inquietanti certamente!)

  3. John says:

    Mike, certainly your best video yet! Through serendipity you stumbled upon Laura’s work and by following-up with a visit to her studio found more creative works including the very unusual cross of babies.

  4. Michael says:

    John, Glad you liked it! It was quite a challenge, filming, translating, and editing, but it was a fun month of work. Laura’s art is so provocative! Her personality is so totally charming, with no rough edges at all. I feel blessed to have been able to make this video!

  5. Silvia C., Napoli says:

    Molto bello ed interessante! Bravo !

  6. Antimo, Napoli says:

    Come sempre bello e divertente. Bravo MIke!

  7. domenico says:

    questo video è veramente molto bello!
    congratulazioni, Mike!
    Il tuo show sta diventando sempre più interessante!

  8. Laura Niola says:

    carissimo Michael,
    sei stato bravissimo mi sono emozionata ed ho pianto quando ho visto il tuo montaggio.
    spero che i tuoi spettatori siano contenti. Grazie per le belle parole che hai usato nei miei confronti.
    Tu sei una persona speciale ed io sono stata fortunata ad incontrarti.
    Grazie ti aspetto al tuo ritorno

    • Michael says:

      Laura! Grazie mille! Sto molto contento che ti piace mi montaggio. Era bello lavorare con questo intervisto. Spero di lavorare con te di piu’ il anno prossimo. Ciao, cara! Ci vediamo, michael

  9. Clifford says:

    Howdy Mike,
    Good job with Artist interview! Please do more.
    Biking and art… What else is there in life?
    – Clifford

    • Michael says:

      Clifford, Glad you like my fun with fitness themes! Hey, you’re right! Biking is art! Today, I’m waiting for results from your latest photoshoot! Please post your website url for us next time you comment!

  10. Daniela M. says:

    bravo mike!
    complimenti per il lavoro
    a te e a Laura.
    buona vita!

  11. Carrie says:

    Hi Micheal,
    So MUCH snow here.
    We sent out your website link in the update i just sent out. Mike and I have watched it a dozen times or so now! Our favorite part is your kind words about us. Tango needs you, being creative and changing how things are done. Other wise it is a sleepy industry that follows along like a mule.
    Mike and I will head to San Diego, just after xmas. Will you be in SD for the festival? I am teaching Tango Body Foundation™ there, yay, its my new baby.
    Thank you for the wonderful video.
    Hope you are warm,

  12. Michael says:

    Carrie! I am so happy you liked the video and sent the link to it out to your list. Thanks so much. It is clear from my video of your performance that the camera is not stationary, but is in fact “in love” with the subject, following you guys and looking close at feet, embrace and energy. It was great fun to film you unexpectedly. I’ll film you with a real system soon!

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